Experts Say This Is One of the World’s Best Coffee Makers • Gear Patrol


Functionally, a drip coffee maker must only possess a tank for water, a water heating element and a basket to hold coffee grinds. This one-touch 8-cup Bonavita coffee maker, along with 24 other coffee makers in the world, has these things, but also satisfies the highest standards known to drip brewing. These drip makers are all certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, a non-profit coffee trade organization.

Its list of drip makers is tiny relative to the number of drip makers out there, and this probably won’t change. To be certified by the SCA a company must submit its machine for thorough testing to the SCA, testing that will determine if the machine is capable of brewing a pot to the “Golden Cup” coffee standard, and if it does so within a specific amount of time (4 to 8 minutes), at a specific temperature (195 to 205), with razor-sharp uniformity and consistency and preferably do all of this in a machine that fits under your cabinet.

Dive deeper into the SCA’s standards and it will become clear why so few achieve this certification, or, pick up Bonavita 8-cup drip coffee maker, which is on sale at the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. It’s our pick for the best budget coffee maker you can buy, and it’s all of $92 right now.

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