Fans Can’t Decide What Mountain Dew VooDew Tastes Like


(Photo: PepsiCo)

As the calendar inches closer to spooky season, the team at Mountain Dew is slowly rolling out Mountain Dew VooDew, a Halloween-themed crafted just for the season. Being marketed as a mystery flavor, the drink currently has a milky white color while fans try figuring out what it tastes like.

But that’s the problem — fans can’t agree on a single taste for it. Initial reports suggested VooDew would be inspired by Candy Corn, though as the drink becomes more readily available, most have differing opinions. There’s a slight consensus that the flavor is bordering on the edge of a Cream Soda and Orange mixture, but more times than not, others suggest it’s full-on fruit or Cotton Candy.

Keep on scrolling to see what fans are saying the latest addition to the Mountain Dew family tastes like. Have you had VooDew yet? If you have, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Slide 2 of 6Orange Creamsicle

Slide 3 of 6Cotton Candy + Candied Apples

Slide 4 of 6Cream Soda with a Kick

Slide 5 of 6Strawberry Starburst

Slide 6 of 6Cream Soda + Lime