Restaurant in north Fargo permanently closes due to flooding


FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) — The fall flooding in our area has gotten so bad that it’s shutting down a restaurant in north Fargo. The owner is helping his employees find jobs before they permanently close on November 16th.

Mother nature: 14

Divots: 1

That’s what this restaurant is calling a final score.

It’s the sound of good times. Divots at Edgewood is known for their delicious food, history and view.

“You know I’ve pumped my whole life into this place for 15 years,” said Divots owner Mark Melby. “I mean, I work basically seven days a week. A lot of times, it’s 10, 12, even 14 hours a day.”

On Friday, Mark Melby announced the restaurant’s final chapter.

“We’ve had eight massive floods in the fifteen years we’ve been in business,” said Melby. “The whole business plan for us revolves around having a golf course to go with the restaurant.”

Melby says he can no longer make ends meet.

“I’m going to be very sad without this place,” said Courtney Podratz, Server, and Bartender at Divots. “It’s been a big part of my life for the last few months, and everybody that’s worked with has been a big part.”

“You know we see a lot of the same people over and over again, and it’s sad that we’re going to be losing that,” said Melby.

Right now, he’s thinking about his workers or what he calls his family.

“I worry about a lot of my staff,” said Melby. “I hope that I’m able to help them find the next chapter in their lives too.”

The restaurant will be open until November 16th.

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