The Apple Watch Series 4 is on sale for an all-time low


In reviewing the Series 4 Watches (which we gave a score of 87), we found that small changes added up to a big improvement in user experience. The increased processing power helps apps perform better, and more accurate step tracking and heart monitoring make it a better choice than a Series 3 for those who are interested in the health aspects of the Apple Watch. Plus, a longer battery life finally addressed one of the bigger issues with the Apple Watch in general; many users were frustrated by the frequent need to charge the device’s battery.

If you’d rather get the newer (and oh-so-slightly better) Apple Watch, Amazon is also discounting the stainless steel Series 5, which we scored an 88. The big change here in the Series 5 always-on display, which many users have wanted for years now. You can get $50 or $80 off, depending on which color and size you choose. The Series 5 is substantially more expensive than the 4, but $50 or $80 off a brand new device could make it a better choice for some shoppers.