Trump news live: Latest impeachment updates as president sparks fury with Islamophobic meme


GOP senators say they are open to new witnesses at Senate impeachment trial


Veteran Maine Republican Susan Collins signalled yestetday that she would be in favour of hearing from new witnesses at the president’s impeachment trial but would prefer to wait until the opening statements have been heard in the case.


“Obviously I would not be advocating for language to be included in the governing resolution if I did not anticipate at the end of hearing the case presented, and the Q&A, that there might be a need for more information,” she commented, rather convolutedly.


“I tend to like information,” she said, when pressed on her track record of calling for witnesses in the Bill Clinton impeachment and in 2018’s explosive Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing, before disappearing, exasperated, into an elevator, according to CNN.


“I’ve been working to make sure that we will have a process so that we can take a vote on whether or not we need additional information, and yes that would include witnesses,” her colleague, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, added.


Utah senator and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney has also backed greater transparency and new witness calls.


“I would like to hear from John Bolton and other witnesses but at the same time I’m comfortable with the Clinton impeachment model when we have opening arguments first and then we have a vote on whether to have witnesses,” he said.


Those three dissenting voices would need to be added by a fourth to swing control of the process back towards Chuck Schumer and company, with the retiring Lamar Alexander of Tennessee one possibility according to CNN.