Trump news – live: Witnesses describe ‘improper’ Ukraine call as president mocks veteran’s military uniform


The third day of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump yielded witnesses who largely propped up Democrats’ allegations that the president sought to use his public office to coerce the Ukrainian government into investigating Joe Biden — and even some testimony from witnesses seen as sympathetic to Republicans saying that Mr Biden was not known to have done anything wrong.

Throughout the marathon of hearings, Washington heard from National Security Council official and Army veteran Lt Col Alexander Vindman, Mike Pence staffer Jennifer Williams, former ambassador Kurt Volker, and Tim Morrison.

Mr Vindman provided compelling evidence, noting his long history serving the US, and his family’s journey to the United States nearly 40 years ago after living in the former Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s personal physician, Navy commander Sean Conley, responded to concerns about the president’s health with a letter insisting that his unannounced weekend visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, was “a routine, planned interim checkup”.

“Despite some of the speculation, the president has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues,” Commander Conley wrote in his statement, issued by the White House in a bid to dispel rumours that a more serious health complaint was being covered up.

We are expecting further testimony in front of the impeachment committees on Wednesday and Thursday, including highly anticipated remarks from EU ambassador Gordon Sondland.

Democrats, meanwhile, are set to hold their fifth debate of the primary season on Wednesday in Atlanta.

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Watch here for the ongoing impeachment inquiry testimony:

Andrew Feinberg, from the hearing room, on his interpretation of the added on extra minutes:
Nunes now attacking Schiff for calling a “magical” 15 minute round, which Schiff pointed out that is allowed under the rules the House has set for this inquiry.

Mr Nunes once again calls this whole ordeal a “drug deal”.

Devin Nunes says that the process is “out of control” because Mr Schiff put extra time on the clock.

Mr Volker says he is not sure if he and others had discussed Burisma in 2016, but he believes so.

From Andrew Feinberg, who is in the hearing room now for The Independent:

Goldman is now treating Volker like a hostile witness in a trial — he’s asking leading questions and pushing back on a lot of what was elicited by Castor in the previous round.

We’re back. Turns out that, while we expected five minutes each from members, we’re getting 15 minutes from Democrats then 15 minutes from Republicans. We’ll see what happens then.

House committee is in recess.

Some insight from the nice folks over at NBC News:

From a Democratic senator:

Trump says he is open to it, but:

Some perspective from a constitutional scholar:

Interesting bit of intel from a New York Times’ White House reporter: